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Our Story

Billy and Jennifer Cuthrell started their journey in real estate in 2014 after partnering with several investors to buy and restore a century old waterfront property in eastern North Carolina. Long term rental properties followed and in 2019 the first of several short term rental properties were added and Switchouse was born.

Jennifer graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in interior design and is an expert at space planning and putting spaces together to create inviting, relaxing environments. Jennifer’s got an eye for seeing what a space can be and making a room fulfill its greatest potential. Jennifer has worked in facilities and space planning for the pharmaceutical, education and architectural industries.

Billy spent many years as a performing and touring drummer before founding a music lessons and retail business with multiple locations in North Carolina and working in the music products industry. Billy currently manages the daily business for Switchouse when not spending way too much time online looking at vintage drums for sale.